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A Profile 22 Sliding Patio Door is a versatile choice. If you would like to have a room that has beautiful views onto your garden, a sliding patio door is the answer. If you would like to enjoy indoor outdoor living and connect your home and your garden, a sliding patio door gives you what you need. If you would like to have an airy, elegant room that is flooded with natural light, a sliding patio door is the perfect choice.

As you would expect, there are a wealth of options to personalise your choice of sliding patio door. You can configure the number of panes you have. You can choose from a wide range of colours and woodgrain finishes so your patio doors can match the windows in your home or offer a contrast.

Whatever the look of your Profile 22 Sliding Doors, they will benefit from a number of advantages as standard. They will have slim, unobtrusive frames that put all your focus on the glass and the views beyond. They will have a robust multipoint locking system to secure your home and have the option to upgrade to a high security Secured by Design-accredited version. They will have an easy-glide stainless steel sliding system so they will be easy to open time after time and need minimal maintenance. Finally, you will enjoy exceptional energy efficiency that keeps the elements at bay.