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Profile 22 Flush Tilt & Turn Windows are ideal for large windows in medium or high rise buildings. The opening sash sits inside the window frame, creating a ‘flush’ appearance that looks chic and stylish. Add a choice of colours and a range of optional extras and you have a modern, designer window that will enhance any home.

Like our Tilt & Turn Windows, the Flush Tilt & Turn Window offers safety and practicality in one. To let fresh air into your home without compromising on the safety or you or your loved ones, simply turn the window handle and the window tilts open using hinges at the base. This tilt position is held using secure stays. When the time comes to clean the window, push the window closed, turn the handle again and the hinges shift to the side. You can then open the window fully inwards so you can clean the exterior glass safely.

Profile 22 Flush Tilt & Turn Windows offer exceptional energy efficiency to keep your home warm and save money on heating bills. Security is also impressive, so you can be confident you are keeping your home safe and protected.