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At Profile 22 we are committed to playing our part in protecting and preserving the environment for future generations.

We take a whole lifecycle approach to our actions. From sourcing our raw materials and components to manufacture, use and end-of-life, we consider every aspect of our impact on the environment.

As an Epwin Window Systems brand, Profile 22 holds the VinylPlus® Product Label. The labelling scheme makes it easy for you to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC products. Epwin Window Systems was one of the first businesses to achieve certification and it reflects the strength of our commitment to the environment.

We manufacture in a sustainable way. Our manufacturing facilities are in the UK and we only supply UK homes, helping to reduce transport emissions. Our manufacturing processes are accredited to ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Our products are all designed to maximise energy efficiency, so you will benefit from a warmer home and lower heating bills, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. We are always looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our products. For example, we use 100% recycled reinforcement material in our products, which provides greater thermal insulation to windows and doors, improving U-values and energy ratings.

Our windows and doors can last for more than forty years. At the end of their life they are recyclable up to ten times.

It means that when you choose Profile 22 products for your home, you are choosing products that have been designed with sustainability in mind.

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