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When you switch to Optima, we promise a smooth, trouble-free transition. We have a meticulously planned changeover system that minimises disruption. It means you can finish one system on the Friday and start again on Monday morning with Optima.

The first step in the changeover is to have all tooling is delivered to our Telford factory where it is trial fitted and checked by a dedicated field technician. Similarly, all set up materials are ordered and factory tested 10 days prior to setup. It means we can be confident the installation at your premises will go smoothly and be completed in a timely fashion.

Preparations at your premises include training for staff, putting everything in place and checking it before undertaking the changeover and running test profiles. Once this has happened successfully, ‘live’ orders are put through your systems. We also place orders with your production team to make sure everything works in a real world environment. It means you’re ready to go with Optima from day one.

In short, we take full responsibility for the changeover and support you before, during and after the physical changeover.