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Profile22 announces strong start to the year

Profile22 asserted its position as the profile partner of choice as it announced a strong start to 2017. Paul Lindsay, Sales Director for Profile 22, commented: “We know what a big decision it is to move profile partner and the number of new sign ups we’ve had so far this year is evidence of just how much Profile 22 has to offer.”

When it comes to a market-leading offering, Profile22 really delivers. Its award-winning Optima system is billed as the best of everything and with good reason. It offers two main systems in chamfered and sculptured variants, complemented with a heritage style flush casement system and a unique flush tilt and turn system designed to compete with aluminium. The systems offer impressive technical innovations such as more thermal chambers, deep drainage channels, a central eurogroove position, thickened walls around screw locations and a secure bead system. There are a wealth of glazing options, a wide range of ancillaries and an impressive colour selection too. While the list of innovations is impressive, Optima retains the familiar Profile 22 appearance, something that offers a clear visual differentiation. “The response from the market has been excellent,” said Paul. “Fabricators recognise just what a strong product Optima is and this is reflected in the number of new sign ups this year.”

Profile 22 can also offer the reassurance of a genuinely seamless transfer from one system to another. In fact, the process is so detailed, finely tuned and proactive that it is possible to finish with one system on the Friday and begin with Optima on the Monday. “Many fabricators fear changing profile partners because of the potential disruption to their business, but with Profile22 we can guarantee there will be minimal or no disruption,” said Paul. We know this to be the case because when we launched Optima last year, we successfully undertook a complete changeover of nearly 100 Profile 22 fabricators to Optima in nine months.

Profile 22 has got over 30 years’ experience in the industry and this latest news shows it is maintaining its position as one of the industry’s go-to profile partners. It’s a reminder that the combination of a market-leading system and impressive service and support will always be a winning combination.

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