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Security on Profile 22 is second to none thanks to innovative features and intelligent design. It means you can give your customers peace of mind that their properties are secure and protected as standard.

Profile 22 has a number of innovative features that mean security is assured and can accommodate the very latest in high-security hardware, advanced multipoint locks, keeps and key-locking handles.

There is a central Eurogroove built in as standard to ensure the sashes have greater strength and rigidity and are less susceptible to manual attack.

Profile 22 uses a clip-in bead system, which makes beads easy to install. There is no need to add glazing clips either, which makes fabrication and installation faster. Despite these advantages, the system is secure and passes rigorous tests.

The system also includes strategically placed local wall thickening – proven to deliver 35% better screw and hardware retention. The result is fewer maintenance call outs, fewer hardware problems and longer-lasting security.

The features mean that Profile 22 is secure as standard but can easily surpass the standards required by the UK Police-endorsed Secured by Design scheme when required.