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The complexities of replacing window profiles in a high rise block of flats are notoriously difficult at the best of times. When it came to Dawson House, a circular block of flats known locally as ‘The Cake,’ the usual linear lines associated with window installation vanished.

Profile 22 fabricator, The Sekura Group explain why the unusual curved lines associated with this high rise window installation made this project particularly interesting.

“The technical department at Profile22 had its work cut out, “We discovered that the building had been built in two sections, the vertical lines were not linear and so the window openings were not square.” said Peter Askew, Contracts Manager at the Sekura Group.

The Sekura Group also looked to Profile 22 to assess and calculate the wind loadings of the windows. High winds can be very destructive, especially to high rise buildings. This is because wind velocity acts as pressure when it meets with a structure. The Profile 22 technical team designed a product that would not only withstand the high winds but would also meet the high safety standards set by the specification. Safety was paramount throughout the project as the residents continued to live there during the nine month refurbishment project.

Andrew Reid, commercial sales director at Profile 22 picks up the story: “It was certainly one of the more demanding projects we’ve had come through the door. The complexities surrounding the circular shape of the tower block were perhaps the most interesting aspect of the project and certainly something that stretched our designers. However the capabilities of our technicians enabled us to provide a viable solution that wasn’t only acceptable to Sekura, but also to the local housing authority and the residents of Dawson House.”