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Many organisations proudly list their accreditations. While certain accreditations are too easily awarded and represent little more than a ‘rubber stamp’, the most relevant have a key role in shaping an organisation’s performance. Some can have a significant impact beyond the business.

At its simplest, an accreditation is a marker of quality awarded by an independent body. It’s an assurance that a product – or a service – meets defined standards. As such, it gives confidence to customers that they can trust the accredited organisation. The accreditation indicates that there’s a degree of competence that a non-accredited supplier might not have reached, and it can, therefore, boost an organisation’s reputation. Accreditation can help a supplier gain a competitive advantage or reach new markets.

Meeting and raising standards

Accreditations also have a role to play in compliance. Where certain standards must be met, for example, UK Building Regulations, having a Kitemarked product clearly demonstrates that minimum standards are being maintained and that the product is safe to use. It proves to specifiers that it’s up to the job. What’s more, the independence of the awarding body ensures that a fair comparison can be made. Test results are precise, accurate and impartial.

Another benefit of accreditations is that, over time, they can drive standards higher. As a benchmark of best practice, they can represent an aspirational goal, but as standards in an industry creep higher, the standards required for accreditation can also be raised.

Profile 22 has several key accreditations, often exceeding the requirements of the awarding body. We’re proud of all of them, but we’ll take a closer look at just two of them and the impact they’re having.

Secured by Design

This is an initiative of the UK Police. It aims to cut crime by reducing the opportunities for it. Security is the first principle and by going back to the design stage, products like windows and doors can be made less vulnerable to opportunistic attack.

It’s easy for consumers to see the benefits of Secured by Design products but architects and specifiers also have a recognisable standard to look for – whatever projects they are working on, public, private or commercial.

Secured by Design has gained more and more ground and has contributed to lower crime rates, safer housing and communities that are more secure. It has also reduced the demand on Police resources.

BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management

This is an internationally recognised standard which promotes improved environmental performance in organisations of all sizes. Its key aims are to reduce waste and make more efficient use of resources, which is why it dovetails perfectly with Profile 22’s commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability isn’t just important to Profile 22. It matters throughout the window and door supply chain. By having this accreditation we’re showing our buyers that we are serious about protecting the planet and that our processes have been audited. As the ISO 14001 standard becomes more widely known and understood, it will help manufacturing reduce its environmental impact.

Good for us, good for society

Accreditations are important. They are undoubtedly good for business, but their reach stretches beyond individual organisations. Ultimately, they have benefits for wider society.