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3 way’s we can future proof your business

3 way’s we can future proof your business

Our investment in manufacturing capabilities will support your growth.

Nothing stays the same in this industry, but unlike some, we’re well prepared. We’ve got both manufacturing capacity and outstanding capability. Our investment programme has delivered one of the very finest production sites as well as ground-breaking systems like Optima. We produce 40 miles of profile every day. Our 46 lines use the latest technology and we partner with the leaders in extrusion to remain at the cutting edge. There are no compromises, just a smooth operation from a skilled team. We can support your growing business, turn orders around rapidly and be responsive when there’s a last-minute job, and as an extra bonus, our technicians know how to make switching over to our systems simple.

We can assure consistent, high quality and accredited products.

Our state-of-the-art lines and quality control result in superior, fully accredited and consistent products that won’t disappoint you or your customers. Our tooling incorporates advanced roller design, and we utilise a unique online water filtration system designed to reduce surface defects. Our quality processes are continuous, using specialist software and digital camera technology to ensure precision and compliance.

We’re ready for any change in consumer taste.

We have the ability to respond to every change in the market and every whim in consumer taste. Our dedicated, high-speed foiling plant is the UK’s largest. We specialise in fast order turnaround and all 28 of our finish options are fully traced using exclusive QR picking code software. We’re constantly introducing new components, leading the way with superb design and what’s more, we’re going to keep on investing in the best – equipment, products and processes – so that we can always supply the very best. Our successful future is already in progress.

We want to talk to you today

Naturally, we’ll be able to talk about our operation, but we’d also like to learn more about yours, about the things that drive you, your concerns, frustrations and even the peculiarities of the market in the South. It’s an hour that could leave you inspired or filled with new insight, and of course, if it’s appropriate, we can keep our chat strictly between ourselves.

There’s absolutely no obligation. We believe that connections in this industry are valuable, even if there’s no commercial implication.

And yes, we know that time is precious. So, in return for your hour, we’d like to arrange something for you, by way of a thank you. Maybe a meal out, tickets for a sporting event or even a car racing experience. Have a think, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to talk, we’re ready to listen.

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