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Hardware by Safeware

By ordering your window hardware through Profile 22, you can be sure of getting a great price on a guaranteed product while saving time on your procurement.

Profile 22 have partnered with Safeware, another Epwin Group Company, to offer fabricators and installers an easier and more convenient way to source and order the hardware they need. We have worked with Safeware to select top-quality products that work perfectly alongside our systems. If you do have any questions at all about the hardware that we supply always feel free to simply drop us an email and we will help you in any way that we can. Contact us HERE.

We offer a 10-year mechanical guarantee on the following products, subject to them being fitted and operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions:

Hoppe handles
Safeware door locks
Yale 8 door lock
Yale shootbolt
Securistyle friction hinges, handles & locking mechanisms
Siegenia TBT
Winlock, Securistyle and Maxim handles
Maco locking mechanisms
Safeware 2D door hinges

Our reassurance to you

The Optima system is purpose made, tested and accredited to British and European Standards to meet all the requirements for PVC-U windows and doors. It is made here, in the UK, by Profile22, a business which employs over 2,000 people, including some of the most innovative and experienced experts in PVC-U building products.

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