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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors – Save space, keep the convenience 

For customers looking to create additional light and space in their home, Profile 22 inline sliding patio doors are the system of choice.

Available in a range of colours, finishes and glazing options, these space saving doors can be tailored to suit your customers’ individual property and taste. Whether you are working on a new-build project or the refurbishment of a traditional property, sliding patio doors are a long lasting value-adding feature that not only enhances the aesthetics of a building, but also the thermal performance and security.

Our ready-made PatioMaster sliding doors are designed for quick and low maintenance construction and with high-quality glide rollers that will operate reliably for years to come. Ready-made patio doors from PatioMaster offer ultra-quiet operation and are much smoother and quieter, thanks to their balanced easy-glide action, low-threshold option and low-maintenance construction. Multiple locking points and a built-in ‘anti-jacking’ system that ensures the door cannot be lifted from the outside, and for interior doors our two-pane in-line sliding doors are an ideal choice. These aesthetically elegant doors also provide exceptional security and thermal efficiency, and are available in a range of 28 different colours and finishes.

For more details on our sliding door system please contact us.

Features of our sliding doors

  • Frame depth: 70mm with flush internal face
  • Profile: 3-chambered outerframe, 3-chambered sash
  • Double glazing: 24 or 28mm
  • Standardised ancillary profiles including cills, add-ons & couplers.

Optimum Performance

Doors have to perform well. Nothing is worse than a poorly-fitting door or one that doesn’t insulate. We don’t believe in compromising – Optima provides the highest-quality in function, durability, performance, finish and security. Optima is the kind of system that makes achieving a list of requirements simple. The benefit of decades of design experience and expertise have made the difference – we’ve looked at everything, from how each component works together to the thickness and position of every internal web, so that when you come to use it, Optima works beautifully.

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