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Cavity Closer System

Cavity Closers

Cavity closers from Profile 22 are the most effective and simplest solution for sealing the cavities in any residential or commercial property. Designed and engineered to be high performance, our PVC-U cavity closer will save you time and money on site, whilst also being environmentally friendly. Ideal for use in any type of new-build project, the cavity closer is manufactured using 98% recycled materials to improve sustainability and thermal efficiency performance, while also optimising rapid installation. All of our cavity closers are compliant with all UK Building Regulations to give your customer peace of mind that they are investing in the quickest and highest performance window installation systems on the market.

High performance, flexible systems

Available in two systems to give you flexibility for each job, we supply Winfast cavity closers, which is a new and revolutionary system enabling you to rapidly install from inside a property. We also supply the cost effective Winfit cavity closer, which allows you to simply clip and seal new windows in place from the outside of a property.

Both cavity closer systems come in 75-100mm widths and are made from quality PVCU with integrated insulation and overhead ventilation. Designed for quick and accurate installation, all of our versatile cavity closers can be used with any Profile 22 PVCU or timber window and door system. By partnering with Profile 22 you can benefit from our 30 years of experience in the industry with access to our unrivalled range of systems as well as expert and professional technical support to help give you a competitive edge.

To find out more about our cavity closers, contact us today for more details.



Winfast cavity closer and former system is manufactured from 98% recycled PVC-U and is designed to work with all modern methods of construction.

Winfast is a made to measure system designed to drop straight into the cavity without adjustment on site. The sub- frame acts as horizontal and vertical damp proof membrane and can be used as a former as brickwork is built up stabilised with specialist brick ties, PVC-U brace and shoes. It allows you to install in minutes from the inside, without scaffolding and special brackets. The secret is a unique locking system (patent applied for) that fits the frame in place immediately. once fitted, the frame only requires sealing under the cill and to the brickwork at the jamb head.

  • Window and door former for timber frame or brick and block construction
  • Allows windows to be fitted from the inside
  • Ensures building regulations compliance including document l
  • Head vents provides overhead ventilation to Approved document F
  • designed for 100mm cavities
  • Window frames fixed by a unique cam system – no drilling required
  • Window frames retained within a sealed rebate, improving thermal efficiency and weather resistance
  • Fast fit: Time saving of up to 66% gained compared to conventional window installation
  • Cost effective: Cost savings of up to 40% gained compared to conventional window installation
  • Acts as a horizontal and vertical dPm
  • 98% recycled content
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