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Security Features


Optima’s security rating gives people complete peace of mind 

Consumers want the reassurance and peace of mind that comes from knowing their home is safe and secure. Most window systems offer a measure of security, but Optima has been designed to take the protection to the next level, giving you a real sales advantage.




Optima can accommodate the very latest in high-security hardware, advanced multipoint locks, keeps and key-locking handles.

In addition, Optima has been built to ensure this hardware stays firmly in place. We’ve included strategically placed local wall thickening in our profiles – proven to deliver 35% better screw and hardware retention. The result is fewer maintenance call outs, fewer hardware problems and longer-lasting security.

In an industry where word of mouth really matters, the benefit of satisfied customers and reliable products can’t be overstated.

Central Eurogroove

By incorporating a central Eurogroove into our profiles, our sashes have greater strength and rigidity, and reduced susceptibility to manual attack.

Secure bead system

Our clip-in beads are easy to use, but once in place, they’re also secure, passing rigorous tests. There’s no need to add glazing clips which makes fabrication and installation faster.

Secured by Design

Optima can easily surpass the standards required by the UK Police endorsed Secured by Design scheme. Fabricators working to this accreditation will find Optima the perfect choice for their highly secure, approved windows and doors.

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