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Become a Profile 22 Installer?

Why install Profile 22?

Where do you want us to begin?

There are plenty of reasons to install Profile 22. Taken together, they’re a very persuasive argument. Every installer’s reasons will be a little different, but we’ve listed some of the key ones below.

  1. Profile 22 products are exceptional quality – we’ve invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing to ensure outstanding results and consistency
  2. A complete range of integrated product suites means there’s a window or door for every sales opportunity
  3. Our systems have been designed to be easy to install and to avoid any snagging issues
  4. Easy installation and trouble-free products enhance customer satisfaction and your reputation
  5. Profile 22 has more than 40 years’ experience and some of the industry’s most respected technicians and designers
  6. Our products can reach a band A++ Window Energy Rating, without breaking the bank
  7. Profile 22 is a British business and proud of it
  8. Our systems and ancillaries work together, making it easier to get a great finish on every job
  9. Our French doors have a self-holding, clip-in floating mullion to make installation swift and simple
  10. All our systems are highly accredited and fully compliant
  11. Our marketing support and smart ideas like GoDesignOnline can help to boost your sales
  12. Our highly experienced technical team loves to solve problems, and they’re always ready to assist . . .
Become a Profile 22 Installer