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Why Choose Profile 22?

Why you should choose Profile22 over our rivals 

We have one of the most advanced and comprehensive product ranges on the market, the infrastructure to supply it and the support fabricators and installers need to convert those products into satisfied consumers and healthy business growth.

At Profile 22, we go beyond the supply of excellent systems.

We adopt an approach that recognises our customers as partners in the provision of great windows, doors and conservatories and build long-term relationships with our network of fabricators and installers.

Understanding the ambitions of our customers allows us to offer targeted marketing and sales support to help them develop business in new, changed or difficult markets. Our responsive technical team provides the expertise and support to allow new products and manufacturing techniques to be capitalised upon, quickly and easily. We’ve carefully selected ancillary products and hardware and made them easier to procure, and our leading position in the industry ensures our team are always at the forefront of new and emerging trends.

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