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Introducing our popular

Optima Vertical Sliding Sash Window

Our vertical sliding sash window mimics the original faultless design

We have spent time ensuring that our Vertical Sliding Sash Windows mimic the traditional design that is so well known and respected. We’ve kept the proportions, the period details and the grace and elegance. We’ve kept the top and bottom opening sashes that move air so well, and the overall dimensions which match the timber box sash originals to ensure easy installation. Our replication has been done so successfully, that we have found our Optima PVC-U sliding Sash windows are approved by planners even in conservation areas where appearance really matters.

But we couldn’t let an opportunity for a few improvements pass by.

Our Vertical sliding sash windows are sturdier than their predecessor, they don’t let in the rain or rattle in the wind. We have developed the design so that there are no sash cords to break, no timber to rot, swell or warp, just smooth, easy-glide balance mechanisms. When you want to clean the windows, the panes tilt into your home. We’ve added security features, and pile seals and double glazing for warmth and reduced energy bills. The good news is that these sash windows can achieve a very comforting A+ Window Energy Rating.

Optimum Performance

We don’t believe in compromising – Optima provides the highest-quality in function, durability, performance, finish and security. Optima is the kind of system that makes achieving a list of requirements simple. The benefit of decades of design experience and expertise have made the difference – we’ve looked at everything, from how each component works together to the thickness and position of every internal web, so that when you come to use it, Optima works beautifully.

Our reassurance to you

The Optima system is purpose made, tested and accredited to British and European Standards to meet all the requirements for PVC-U windows and doors. It is made here, in the UK, by Profile22, a business which employs over 2,000 people, including some of the most innovative and experienced experts in PVC-U building products.

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