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Optima windows

Our complete Optima window range

Whether you are hoping to create a more energy efficient home, to increase security or simply just want to freshen up the outside appearance of your house, by investing in windows from Profile 22 you can successfully achieve all these features and more.

Profile 22 windows are available in a variety of styles, colours, functions and finishes to ensure that your home not only feels safer, warmer and more energy efficient, but also looks attractive and in keeping with your current style of house.

Whether you want a contemporary look or prefer a more traditional design, you can dictate your style and choose windows that will complement your existing home while benefiting from additional security and reduced energy bills.

Choosing to install PVC-U windows is the best value home improvement you can make. As well as the outside aesthetics our window systems also deliver high performance benefits to help keep your house warm, cosy and secure on the inside.

We understand the importance of keeping your home safe and secure, which is why we have heavily invested in the development and testing of all our window systems, incorporating a range of advanced safety features and hardware to ensure we offer all levels of security to provide you with peace of mind that your home is a safe one.

By combining our unrivalled range of windows along with our expertise in the industry and a wide network of expert fabricators and fitters, we can supply you with high performance windows guaranteed to be long lasting and energy efficient whilst not detracting from your homes kerbside appeal.

Our team of professional and friendly installers can help advise you on the best style of window for your home as well as discussing additional features that are available such as our new sustainable window systems, which are made from 100% recycled materials and are available in a selection of colours.

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Optima window gives you more

  • More thermal chambers: 6 in the outerframe (8 with RCM Thermal Inserts) and 5 in the sash (6 with RCM Thermal Inserts) delivering optimal thermal performance and structural rigidity.
  • More choice: a broader range of range cills, baypoles, accessories and packers allowing you the flexibility you need.
  • More glazing options: the widest choice of glazing options on the market giving you the ability to build cost-effective, energy-efficient windows.
  • More seals: optional centre seals to the outerframe and sash for improved insulation and weather protection.