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British windows with all the support you will need!

We know that replacing any part of your home’s glazing isn’t something you’ll want to do without knowing all the facts.

At Profile 22 we know that finding a reputable company is paramount when replacing your windows and doors or choosing a new conservatory. With our nationwide network of fabricator and installer partners, Profile 22 has the knowledge, the capability and the resources to give you all the reassurance you need that you’re choosing the very best in PVC-U home improvements.

Our windows, doors and conservatories are installed in properties across the UK and Ireland, meaning that thousands of homeowners are benefiting from a warmer, safer home, with lower energy bills and stunning aesthetics.

It’s easy for us, of course – we’ve been making British windows since 1988 and we know our products are among the very best available. We also know that our network of Authorised Window and Door Installers won’t let you down. But, like you, we’re homeowners, and we understand that you’ve got questions and that you might want help and support. In fact, we’d always recommend talking to our experts and getting their advice.

To find out how Profile 22 can help you to improve the comfort, security, appearance and value of your home – contact us today.