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Introducing our Optima

Fully Reversible Windows

Fully Reversible Windows

Especially designed for medium-high rise applications and inaccessible locations

Our new Fully Reversible Window has been manufactured using low carbon technology and pioneers our ‘thermal barrier’ technology.

These 70mm Fully Reversible Windows have their own unique appearance designed with a deep-beveled edge to the window profile giving it a striking, but modern look. The window easily rotates 180° allowing for safe and easy cleaning of the outside pane without the window entering the room space itself; avoiding snagging of curtains or blinds. Its high security locking and child resistant safety catches, and weather performance ensures its maximum safety and security.


Also through our commitment to continuous improvement we have developed the highly innovative ‘Aeroframe’, which has been integrated into this new window system allowing for greater thermal performance through its complex ‘thermal barrier’ technology. This Fully Reversible Window is a 5 chamber system and achieves a WER ‘A+’ rating when glazed with argon filled triple glazing. The system eliminates the need for expensive Krypton gas filled units, insulation in the profiles or expensive special reinforcing; therefore reducing cost.

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Specific members are reinforced with galvanised mild steel to BS 7412 sealed within the profile central cavity.

Window Operation

  • The window can rest in the narrow night ventilation position or with approximately 100mm opening
  • The window can also rest in a more open position approximately 300mm opening
  • Once the safety catch is released the window can be completely rotated
  • The window rotates without entering the room space
  • The special hinge assembly brings the outside of the window to the inside of the room
  • The fully reversed window engages on a safety catch and allows safe and easy cleaning of the outside pane

Safeware Hardware – Locking

Security features multi-point mushroom espagnolette, with night vent facility and lockable handles (dependant upon fire egress requirements)


Controllable or permanent ventilators can be fitted into the head of the frame.

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