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Our Low WER Ratings

Our Optima system can achieve as low as U-value of 0.8W(m2.K) and a WER A++ banded rating

We understand that every customer is different and that flexibility is important. That’s why Profile 22 systems enable the fabrication of windows to any required Window Energy Rating. Quite simply, we offer more choice than our competitors, enabling you to satisfy any customer’s requirements.


Optima offers superior ratings

We have designed Optima to include features that enhance thermal performance, allowing improved WERs without using the most expensive components or gas fills. We’ve built in smart ideas like an increased frame overlap, which gives slimmer sightlines and the benefit of additional solar gain.

While we’ve improved every aspect of our frames’ insulating properties, we appreciate that for many customers, budget will always be a prime consideration. As a result, we can suggest the most cost-effective way to achieve any desired WER that complies with the Building Regulations.

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