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Why Specify Profile 22?

Over 40 years experience in the industry

Profile 22 is one of the most versatile and proven window and door systems on the market. Leading the market in PVC-U window and doors, Profile 22 boasts more than 40 years’ experience in both new-build and refurbishment. Whatever your project, Profile 22 can provide a combination of PVC-U profile and hardware to meet your needs.

This Guide explains our range of profiles and hardware in detail and provides an overview of the services we provide to architects and specifiers alike. A comprehensive study, it’s been designed to enable you to access all the information you could ever need to specify the right solution.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this document is technically accurate, changes to legislation occur that may affect the specification of our products. All information is correct at the time of publication. However if you are in doubt please contact our technical department who will be happy to advise, or alternatively consult the relevant websites for up-to-date information concerning current Building Regulations.

We have the most comprehensive system on the market

Our advanced window and door systems offer the very best in quality and performance and are available in a wide selection of colours, styles and glazing options to suit your specifications. All of our products are quality assured, ensuring that every installation provides exceptional results in design, durability, security and energy efficiency.

Profile 22 provides a unique solution to glazing that includes PVC-U profiles as well as hardware. This means you only have to discuss your requirements with one company and that makes life much easier. Our team of experts have the industry experience required to give you all the support you need, whenever you need it.

Our specification team can assist you in delivering your project in line with your client’s brief, taking into consideration a range of factors, such as best value, safety, security and building aesthetics. We understand that good planning is critical to success and can therefore be involved right from the design phase to help you to choose the right products, whether it be for a refurbishment or new build.

To put it simply, Profile 22 provides the complete package, ensuring that you get the best results to meet your customer requirements.

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