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We care about our enviroment

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable Credentials

At Profile 22 Systems we take our corporate social responsibility and environmental policy seriously, and are committed to ensuring sustainable communities for all – both now and in the future. According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, homes account for around 27% of the UK’s carbon emissions, a major cause of climate change. As part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the policy is now to achieve an improvement of at least 80% less carbon emissions from new homes by 2050 (compared to 1990).

Profile 22 and its parent company, Epwin Group Plc, has long since been committed to supporting Government policy and looking to ensure its projects and operations meet national and local needs, supporting the sustainable development of communities. Importantly the company actively looks to ensure the involvement of all stakeholders, the protection of the environment and the reduction of consumption of energy and natural resources.


Sustainability Integration

Profile 22 is committed to integrating the three key elements of sustainability:

■ Economic sustainability concerns the increase of profitability by making more efficient use of resources, whether human, natural or energy.
■ Social sustainability recognises the needs of everyone affected by a project, within the supply chain, and importantly the end-users and local communities.
■ Environmental sustainability considers the protection of the environment from the impact of the emissions and waste, and the careful use of natural resources.

As an experienced supplier to the commercial sector, Profile 22 is committed to ensuring all elements of its business are in line with the principles of sustainability, evolving its structure to provide complete project management for both new-build and refurbishment environments. The process involved in the supply of products for sustainable construction involves all materials that are utilised being manufactured by the most environmentally friendly methods with minimum impact upon the environment, including the use of recycled material in its production.

We understand that clients wish to use materials and systems that have a lower fundamental impact on both the environment and local communities. The more efficient use of energy and materials is essential with minimal impact on the local community and excellent whole-life costings, with products being sustained for longer periods of time with negligible maintenance requirements.

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