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Optima Fully Reversible Windows

Our improved Fully Reversible Window 

Combining high standards of energy efficiency alongside practical function, the Fully Reversible Window incorporates a 180-degree pivot mechanism. The internally beaded windows rotate without impacting the interior space and provide plenty of options for safe ventilation. These windows include hidden AEROFRAME™ technology which enhances thermal insulation. Specially designed for medium-high rise applications and inaccessible locations, our new fully reversible window has been manufactured using low carbon technology and pioneers our ‘thermal barrier’ technology the secret ingredient to achieving greater thermal performance.

Our reassurance to you

The Optima system is purpose made, tested and accredited to British and European Standards to meet all the requirements for PVC-U windows and doors. It is made here, in the UK, by Profile22, a business which employs over 2,000 people, including some of the most innovative and experienced experts in PVC-U building products.

Fully Reversible Windows can achieve WER band A with double glazing, and with triple glazing, a U-value of 0.8W/m2K.

  • Frame depth: 70mm
  • AEROFRAME™ insulating technology
  • 180-degree rotation pivot mechanism
  • Double glazing: 24 or 28mm
  • Triple glazing: 40 or 44mm
  • Certified manufactured to BES6001 scoring additional points under the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM.

Optimum performance

Optima is one the most energy-efficient 70mm systems available. Its brilliance lies in the adaptable nature of the system. Its components and options allow the fabrication of windows that perform to your required standards. Customers with exceptional levels of insulation in their homes can opt for the ultimate triple-glazed frames. Others, working to a budget, can improve their insulation without breaking the bank. It’s simply a case of building the performance you want. Of course, Building Regulations dictate minimum standards, but it’s worth knowing that Optima can easily achieve the very top end of the energy-efficiency scale. It can reach the latest A++ WERs and a remarkable U-value of just 0.8 W/m2K. That’s the Passivhaus standard.


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