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SK200 curtain walling system

Curtain Walling System

Industry leading curtain walling system

Our SK200 curtain walling system has been engineered for superior thermal efficiency. Constructed from thermally broken aluminum and PVC-u clad, inside and out, it offers an attractive and affordable solution for projects of all sizes.

The system will accommodate 60mm or 70 mm depth windows and spandrel panels and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Curtain walling

The market opportunities for curtain walling are growing. Long a favourite product of the commercial sector, curtain walling is now finding a home in more and more domestic installations. It’s perfect for bringing more light into homes, creating feature glazing for stairwells and double- height spaces. The passion for the ‘wall-of-glass’ shows no sign of abating, and our cost-effective curtain walling system is a practical and stylish way to satisfy the demand.

With almost any size or configuration possible, our system has been used extensively in schools, hospitals, in apartment blocks and all types of commercial premises. Summing up, it is ideal for any building that needs a large expanse of glass.

Adaptable and easy to use

Our curtain walling is made using thermally broken aluminium, capped with PVC-U sections. The PVC-U capping makes an attractive finish that’s a perfect partner to our windows or to spandrel panels. The system can accommodate either 60mm or 70mm frames or panels and has the benefit of being quick and simple to install.

Sustainable and energy efficient

The credentials of the Profile 22 curtain walling solution will satisfy any architect’s or specifier’s demands for a sustainable and ultimately recyclable option. The thermal performance is excellent, and when combined with our outstanding window systems, it can make a considerable difference to a building’s insulation and long-term energy consumption.

Bespoke projects

Our system is available in a vast range of colours and finishes to complement any building, glazing or infill panel scheme. And because our PVC-U components are simple to maintain and never need painting, high-quality aesthetics are a long-lasting feature that the construction industry has grown to trust and respect.

Every curtain walling project is unique. Over the years, we have collaborated with developers, architects and specifiers to design the perfect result for a wide variety of properties, large and small.

If you would like any advice on curtain walling, we’ll be more than happy to lend you our expertise. Do get in touch.

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