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Open up your house with a

Sliding Patio Door

Nothing opens up a home like a beautiful patio doors 

A door that slides open almost without effort, floor-to-ceiling glass that fills your home with light, a sense of space and openness, insulation and the reassurance of anti-jacking technology and high-security locks. These days, with Optima’s multi-chambered systems and advanced energy-efficient glazing you can have it all – light, warmth, space, and security.

A lighter and brighter environment

Create your own individual style by choosing from an extensive range of colours and finishes as well as a variety of glazing options. Whether you live in a contemporary home or more traditional period property, our inline sliding doors can be tailored to complement the architecture of your home and create a lighter, warmer and more spacious environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Sliding doors are great for opening up small rooms and making them feel bigger.

They’re spectacular when used with side panels in bigger installations. And, of course, being part of the Optima range, they’re more than able to cope with the real world. We build durability into everything we do.

Optimum Performance

Doors have to perform well. Nothing is worse than a poorly-fitting door or one that doesn’t insulate. We don’t believe in compromising – Optima provides the highest-quality in function, durability, performance, finish and security. Optima is the kind of system that makes achieving a list of requirements simple. The benefit of decades of design experience and expertise have made the difference – we’ve looked at everything, from how each component works together to the thickness and position of every internal web, so that when you come to use it, Optima works beautifully.

Our reassurance to you

The Optima system is purpose made, tested and accredited to British and European Standards to meet all the requirements for PVC-U windows and doors. It is made here, in the UK, by Profile22, a business which employs over 2,000 people, including some of the most innovative and experienced experts in PVC-U building products.

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