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Approved Window Contractors

We appreciate that finding a window contractor with the right expertise can be difficult. That is why the Approved Window Contractor network from Profile 22 aims to ensure that when you specify our products for new build or refurbishment projects you are backed up by exemplary service.

The Approved Window Contractors scheme is open to our entire commercial network of window manufacturers. Members have to meet certain minimum standards such as holding constructionline/EXOR, quality accreditations, operate recycling initiatives and have attended our commercial awareness training programme.


  • Benefits of choosing an Approved Window Contractor
  • Sector related experience
  • Committed to recycling of PVC-U waste
  • Fully supported by Profile 22 Systems’ specification team
  • High quality product, backed-up by exemplary service
  • Professionally trained in construction law, site management & contracting


To find an Approved Window Contractor, request a directory here.



Are you registered with BFRC?

As a window system company we do not manufacture windows and as such we cannot be registered with the BFRC. We do however employ a number of BFRC Certified Simulators. Our products are registered by our window fabricators.

Can you explain the painting process?

Our coloured profile options are created using a foiling process whereby we bond a coloured foil to the PVC-U profile. The coloured foils themselves are not glossy, but generally do have a sheen to them and usually come with a wood like embossing. There are a limited colour range of special foils that have a flat finish, with no embossing, and have a matt finish. We do not offer a painting service as standard, but this may be available from your installer.

Are all you frames recycled plastic?

Our PVC-U window profiles do contain a percentage of recycled material. The use of such material is governed by our manufacturing Kitemark BS EN 12608: KM 12893. In additional we offer a 98% recycled window system – Reco22. Further details can be found on our website.

Does triple glazing have a WER rating?

Profile 22’s Triple Glazed windows are capable of attaining a WER A rating, however the actual performance of the window will depend on the products used. You should discuss this with your installer and ask them to confirm the WER rating of your windows.

Do you have part distributors in the USA?

We no longer have a distribution facility in the USA.

Will Profile 22 windows sound-proof my house from traffic noise?

Sound-proofing is by degree. Double-glazing is better than single and triple-glazing is even better, plus there are other glazing options which can help to reduce noise further. Complete exclusion of all traffic noise is very difficult to achieve but you can certainly reduce it by choosing the right windows. Your Profile 22 installers will be able to offer expert advice on reducing noise in your property.

The door seals have perished on my external PVC-U porch door. Can you provide replacements?

Your first course of action should be to contact your installer. It is likely that the seals will only have perished on very old installations, in which case, it could be difficult to identify the original installer and the profile system and the seal configuration may well be obsolete with no stocks of seals retained. The only real option is to contact a local window repair specialist to identify the seals and to try and source a suitable replacement.

What is the RAL colour of your UPVC?

The nearest RAL match is 9016 on our white profile. However we recommend that this colour match is checked, before use, to ensure suitability.

Where do I get my FENSA certificate from? Do you supply this?

A ‘FENSA’ certificate has become the common name for what is actually a Building Regulation Control Certificate. Your installer may be a member of FENSA or another organisation called CERTASS which can also issue the certificates. By being members of either of these organizations, installers can show they are able to self-certify their installations as complying with the requirements of Building Regulations. As an alternative, if your installer isn’t a member or if you’ve installed them yourself, you can request a Building Control Officer from your local council to inspect for you. You’ll need to contact your installer and ask them under which scheme they operate. You can check on the websites of both of these organisations to find out if your installer is one of their members.

What guarantees are available?

Your guarantee will be direct with your Profile 22 window installer. An insurance backed guarantee will ensure your windows are covered, should your installer no longer be trading so it is a good idea to discuss this option with them.

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